Why choose Keystone Coaching?

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see

The Keystone Coaching methodology and framework for leadership coaching and coaching-related workshops is based on over a decade of experience and expertise. Keystone also has a proven track record of success in a variety of listed South African organizations.

All Keystone associates are professionally qualified and experienced in both organizational and human behavioral science. Many years of delivering workshops and executive coaching in organizations at a variety of managerial levels, ensure that Keystone is able to comfortably meet the needs and expectations of diverse clients.

Keystone Coaching:

  • has a customer-focus and action-orientation with a can-do attitude to projects. This commitment to go the extra mile is a key ingredient in successful coaching outcomes,
  • uses a coaching methodology which focuses on applied positive psychology techniques and performance optimization rather than correcting weaknesses so as to achieve optimal sustained results and change,
  • views coaching as a partnership and the focus of this partnership is on using the leader’s strengths and building the key competencies needed to achieve strategic business objectives.
  • always links the individual coaching goals back to the strategic organizational objectives. As such, all stakeholders are encouraged to be involved in the programmes to ensure buy-in and alignment of development,
  • plans and executes coaching with a focus on specific, desired results. Appropriate measures are applied to each developmental area, including follow-up and feedback reports. Actual activities, during the coaching sessions and in between, focus specifically on achieving the agreed-upon goals for the leader, the team and the organization,
  • has associate coaches with advanced qualifications in human behavioural change and extensive experience at a variety of levels in organizations, which allow them to address behavioural change and the impact of individual change on the organizational system. Expertise in organizational dynamics and business management allows our coaches to conduct coaching with both awareness and an understanding of systems issues (i.e. the larger organization), and
  • engages in continuous professional development and research which allows for extensive knowledge and transfer of skills to coachees and workshop participants.

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