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The Keystone New Leader Transition Program

The actions new leaders take during the first few months in an organization have a significant impact on their success. Because we recognize that the first few months of a new leader’s tenure are critical, we design bespoke transition programs that are carefully tailored to both on boarding new recruits and transitioning leaders to more senior roles in organizations.

Managing the transition is the key to success. Once a decision is made to appoint a new leader, it is crucial that the organization does everything it can to assist the new leader in making the transition successfully - for the good of both the individual and the organization. We have however; found that, whilst many companies provide orientation programs, scant attention is paid to developing a transition plan that can make a major difference in the way a new leader performs in the new role or organization.

The Keystone Transition Coaching Program is a carefully designed program informed by best business practices. It provides the newly appointed leader with the tools, framework and strategies he or she needs to take over the responsibilities of a new role, whether moving from one position within the organization to another or when first entering the new organization. Our integrated and systematic process provides a road map, enabling the new leader to navigate his or her way through the challenges of any transition.

Benefits of the Keystone Transition Program:

  • lowers the probability of failed transitions,
  • demonstrates significant return on investment and positive economic impact for organizations, and
  • assists leaders to anticipate the demands of multiple stakeholders, and how to manage and prioritize these as well as their own expectations.



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