Five ways to tap into the potential of your Millennials at work

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Five ways to tap into the potential of your Millennials at work
Posted March 6, 2018

5 Tips on how to successfully engage the Millennials workforce - by Millennial coach Kaymin Ormerod


By 2025, Millennials will make up a large part of the workforce and with them they bring a different set of values, hopes and ideas as well as what motivates them to achieve success. Organizations need to know how to effectively work with this generation in order to create the environment that effectively taps into and harnesses their potential. 

Does your company want to create a corporate culture that supports the work expectations of the Millennial generation?

Keystone’s  Millennial coach, Kaymin Ormerod, has the following tips that you should bear in mind when considering this generation:  

1. Set clear performance expectations

Millennials thrive within set boundaries when provided with clearly defined structure and rules. They want to be told what to do, and, at the same time, also engage in meaningful conversations about their tasks.

 2. Link their work to the “why”

Millennials want to know how their work it is contributing to the larger organization’s mission and vision. They need to understand the why of the task.When delegating responsibilities and talking about specific areas, link the task to its contribution (the reason), i.e. the bigger outcome for the organization.

3. Explain how their work has a social impact

Highlight how your organization has the best interests of their employees and the global community at heart by supporting social causes and issues. Millennials want to know that the work they do will have a real impact on others; on society as a whole. They want to know that the work that they do, matter.

4. Make regular feedback a priority

Millennials expect to learn and grow through each experience. Integrate their strengths and areas for growth into regular conversations. When providing feedback, engage them in a two-way conversation, and ask questions that allow for greater understanding.

 5. Coach them

Do you have a coaching culture and do your leaders possess the necessary skills to coach and grow them? Research shows that the majority of Millennials want to be coached.  They want a leader they can look up to, from whom they can learn - a leader who inspires them by setting stretch goals which elicits discussions about future possibilities. They also want a leader who can sponsor their ideas and create ways for them to be involved, someone who shares the leadership potential they see in their Millennial team members. This coaching style of leadership entails: partnership, collaboration and the ongoing mining of potential. It is leading for others rather than for yourself, and it taps into the Millennial need to have their own leadership potential acknowledged.  

By providing individual coaching for the Millennial generation and training them to develop their own coaching style, organizations have the opportunity to build a high-performing workforce (consisting of various generations) which is motivated by a strong sense of higher purpose and the knowledge that the work they do, matters.

For more detailed Millennial coaching programmes for your organization, please contact Kaymin Ormerod at

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