Aneline Rhoda - associate coach

Aneline Rhoda - associate coach

Posted by Carita on October 29, 2019

Keystone Coaching Associate Coach - Aneline Rhoda

Aneline is the director of The GraceCo Group; a network of associates which specialises in personal and leadership coaching. 

Aneline is both a seasoned HR Professional and leadership coach with extensive experience in many different industries (e.g. Financial Services,IT, Mining, Consulting, Telecoms, Retail, Food & Beverage; Public, Automotive) and countries (e.g. England, Ireland, Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, USA, Canada, African countries). 

In addition, she has also been a non-executive director for 11 years at Legal Aid, South Africa.


Coaching Qualifications 

Aneline completed an Associate Coaching course in 1998 at the University of Cape Town and started the Brain Based Coaching course (based in neuroscience) at the NeuroLeadership Institute. Aneline is also in the process of qualifying as a BodyTalk practitioner. This approach assists individuals to become more conscious within their three hearts ( i.e. brain, heart and gut) and  use their new, raised consciousness to optimise their inherent passion and talent. 

Coaching Philosophy 

Aneline’s coaching philosophy is based on the belief that each individual has the necessary skills and capabilities to both find and nurture their innate (whole) sense of self. The role of a coach is to assist individuals to identify, understand, and apply these inherent skills and capabilities. This allows them to progress from an unconscious, less competent way of existence/being to a conscious, more competent way of being. 

Coaching Approach

Aneline applies a variety of coaching modalities depending on the specific needs of the coaching client. Amonst these are approaches such as Consciousness Coaching and BodyTalk. Her more than two decades’ experience within the corporate world of work further serves to enhance her coaching acumen.

Her coaching process includes: 

a) An assessment of coaching needs;

b) Recommendation of coaching interventions for individuals/ groups; 

c) Ongoing evaluation of the coaching progress; (e.g. there may be need to change the planned outcomes/tools partway through the coaching programme. It also includes an indication of whether the coaching client is making progress towards the agreed outcomes; and

d) Final report and feedback.

Coaching Strengths

Aneline is skilled in coaching individuals through corporate restructuring and change management processes. “We are often unconscious of the many ‘walking wounded’ colleagues we have in organisations as a result of the constant change and re-invention required from individuals.” She also specializes in performance management coaching and coaching on specific competencies required for the digital workplace. This coaching is especially pertinent for the C-suite level as it assists organizations to become more agile and ahead of the game.  world of work, business turn-around interventions, innovation and teambuilding. Aneline is also a highly skilled workshop facilitator on topics such as HR strategy, and other HR Solutions in the new Digital Age.

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