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I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I must be

About Carita

“Carita’s professionalism, vast business knowledge and personable manner enabled me to receive a rating of exceptional leader from the organization in the first 12 months of contract and created a platform for the next 12 months, within which to entrench the learning and build a legacy of growth, cultural transformation and investment”

“Dr McCallum demonstrates passion and pride in her trade in a very professional manner. Her demeanour is extremely suited to the executive coaching profession in that she is well read, diverse in her thinking, is a good listener and provides practical advice to business problem situations”

 “I’ve recently had the privilege of being coached by Carita for about a year and found the whole experience to be extremely beneficial. Besides being someone who is easy to become comfortable with and confide in, I was very impressed with Carita’s ability to get to the core of an issue, from a perspective that I hadn’t thought about. She often made useful connections with things that I had mentioned in passing months ago - showing a high level of insight and recall”

“I was impressed by the manner in which Carita was able to quickly offer practical guidance on real problems”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions – Carita is very approachable, has a sense of humour and was always able to come up with practical solutions – or point things out that I had missed. Very helpful”

“I would also like to thank you for the sessions themselves, I really found them to be beneficial – both enjoyable, and an opportunity to raise my level of thinking and look at myself and my behaviour through the eyes of others”

 “I have found you to be very professional and the articles that you gave me to read very helpful. I would recommend you to anyone that is wanting someone to bounce business ideas off, help with managing their diaries, difficult staff and getting a balance back into their lives”

“ I truly appreciate your support and guidance in every challenge that I have faced since I met you”

“This note serves as my token of appreciation to you for inspiring me to take up the difficult journey of starting and completing my MBA studies. I am proud to acknowledge you, in that with your immense support in my belief and capabilities I managed to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challlenges”

About Alex

Last night I thought about the rating I received, and I could not but conclude that this rating is less a function of my efforts, and substantially a function of your efforts. I think the entire team will agree with me when I say that the manner in which you have managed this team has been supportive and “enabling”.  Basically, you gave us the freedom, the space and the confidence, to do our work.  In a climate like that even poor performers will more often than not shape up and shine.

I’d thus like to very sincerely thank you for all you have done in making us look good and being such an enabling force in our working lives.

I am sending you this mail after my discussion with *** re the session you had with him yesterday.  He has given me such positive feedback about the meeting session and I must say it has given me “goose bumps” – good ones.  After all that is what one wants to hear from an employee participant of coaching.  Thank you!


About Bronwen

"In terms of managing an individual – this is much more challenging than I ever thought & I’m grateful for the tools and discussion around coaching/leading – it has been of great value. I believe I have stepped up to the challenge…"

"The coaching sessions have definitely provided a new perspective and made me re-evaluate myself, my situation and have helped me to feel better more confident and positive"

"After my first session, I really had trepidations about the coaching. What I have discovered since you have been coaching me is that there are other ways to assert yourself and get your point across without losing your principles and without changing who I am as a person"

"It’s been this marvellous awakening for me – I feel this overwhelming sense of control because all of a sudden I have realised that this calmer, business approach actually works better for me and I feel a higher sense of satisfaction in achieving what I needed to achieve rather than feeling frazzled and angry. Overall, I have found the coaching extremely beneficial"

"Bronwen is a great listener. She pushed and challenged me to get out of my comfort zone but acted as a cushion so that I didn't feel too overwhelmed. She is not judgmental and created a comfortable environment for me to share my insecurities. I am eternally grateful for her assistance"

"Working with Bronwen as my executive coach during the past year has been an absolute pleasure as well as an eye opener! She has a wealth of knowledge and a mountain of patience"

"Bronwen is excellent at being a mirror and allowing you to see your situation from the outside in; giving a fresh perspective from which problems and situations can be properly dealt with. 
Her business knowledge combined with her psychology background and education make Bronwen an excellent business coach on a one-on-one setting or in a group dynamic"

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